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QUIZ: Can you name the various thirteens becoming twelves of Eberron?

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Dragonmarked Houses
the Mark of Making 
the Mark of the Sentinel 
the Mark of Hospitality 
the Mark of Healing 
the Mark of Warding 
the Mark of Storm 
the Mark of Detection 
the Mark of Passage 
the Mark of Shadow 
the Mark of Scribing 
the Mark of Finding 
the Mark of Handling 
the Mark of Death (destroyed) 
the Gateway 
the Lantern 
the Herder's Moon 
the Anvil 
the Eye 
the Crown 
the Sentinel 
the Book 
the Shadow 
the Healer's Moon 
the Warding Moon 
the Storm Moon 
the Perfect Order 
the Region of Dreams (severed) 
the Realm of the Dead 
the Sea of Fire 
the Eternal Day 
the Churning Chaos 
the Twilight Forest 
the Endless Night 
the Plain of Ice 
the Battleground 
the Azure Sky 
the Faerie Court 
the Realm of Madness 
Nations of Thronehold
the humans 
the humans 
the humans (destroyed) 
the goblins 
the druids 
the undead 
the baron princes 
the dwarves 
the frontier 
the halflings 
the humans 
the elves 
the gnomes 

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