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What are the names of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins's husband and son?
Which animal watches Frodo, Sam and Pippin sleep during the first night after they started their journey?
What gift does Mrs Maggot give to the hobbits?
In which Buckland village does Frodo pretend to settle down in?
What is the name of the ancient seat of the Brandybucks in Buckland?
With what words does the incantation of the barrow wight begin?
What are the names Tom Bombadil gives to Merry's ponies (in the order they appear in his song on the Barrow Downs)?
What is the name of the innkeep in Bree?
What are the names of the two hobbits that work at the Prancing Pony in Bree?
What does Sam call the creatures in the Midgewater Marshes that drive the hobbits almost frantic with the sound they make?
With what kind of knife does the ringwraith stab Frodo on Weathertop?
What plant does Aragorn use to treat Frodo's wound on Weathertop?
What kind of stone does Glorfindel leave on the Last Bridge?
This bridge spans which river ?
What is the name of Glorfindel's horse?
What is the name of the elf in Rivendell with whom Bilbo discusses his poem?
What are the names of Elrond's sons?
What is the name of Bilbo's sword that he gives to Frodo?
What metal is his mail shirt made of?
What is the name of the mountain pass by which the fellowship tries to cross the Misty Mountains?
This pass is on the slopes of which mountain?
In which chamber in Moria does the fellowship find Balin's tomb?
Which animal would have been skewered by the spear-thrust Frodo survives?
What lake is located beneath the East Gate of Moria?
What river does the fellowship cross in Lorien that is named after an elf-maiden (or vice versa)?
What is the name of this elf-maiden's lover?
What is Galadriel's gift to Gimli?
Whose likenesses can be seen at the Argonath?
To what hill does Frodo flee from Boromir?
What is the name of the waterfall of the river Anduin?

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