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Can you name the first 150 Modern Warfare 3 titles (If you are trying an answer that you know is right, look at the f?

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Rewarded ForTitle
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Become Private I (level 2)
Become Sergeant (level 20)
Become Sergeant Major II (level 28)
Become Captain (level 44)
Become Colonel (level 52)
Become Major General II (level 76)
Become Commander (level 80)
Become Prestige 1 level 25
Become Prestige 1 level 35
Become Prestige 1 level 45
Become Prestige 1 level 55
Become Prestige 1 level 65
Become Prestige 1 level 75
Become Prestige 1
Become Prestige 2
Become Prestige 3
Become Prestige 4
Become Prestige 5
Become Prestige 6
Become Prestige 7
Become Prestige 8
Become Prestige 9
Become Prestige 10
Buy the Regular Package (Prestige Shop)
Buy the Hardened Package (Prestige Shop)
Buy the Veteran Package (Prestige Shop)
Reach Elite Premium Founder (Call of Duty Elite)
Call of Duty Elite (free)
Your clan reaches level 15
Your clan reaches level 5
Your Clan reaches level 30
Your clan reaches level 40
Your clan reaches level 50
Get 3 kills in one life with your secondary weapon
Get 3 longshots in one life
Shoot down an enemy helicopter
Kill 3 enemies while they are planting a bomb
Kill 5 enemies with a single airstrike
Kill the same enemy 5 times in a single match
Kill in enemy with direct impact from a stun grenade
Kill an enemy before they get a 10 or higher killstreak
Defuse 2 bombs
Hurt an enemy with a primary weapon then finish them with a pistol
Get a game winnning killcam with a sentry gun
Be the only surviving member of your team and kill three people
Using one stealth bomber, kill 6 enemies
Plant 2 bombs
Be victorious in 15 matches of Search and Destroy
Call in 2 airstrikes in one match
Rewarded ForTitle
Get a game winning killcam with an AC-130
Get 5 health regenerations from enemy damage in a row, without dying.
While in air, get a 2 kill streak with bullets
Get each of your killstreaks in a span of 20 seconds
Avenge a fallen teammate
Kill 5 enemies using thrownback grenades
Kill a bomb carrier in sabotage or search and destroy
Using a stealth bomber, get a game winning killcam
Using an attack helicopter, get a game winning killcam
Get a game winning killcam with a predator missile
Get a game winning killcam with a throwing knife
Kill 2 enemies by hitting them with a riot shield
Get a game winning killcam with a riot shield
Call in 2 helicopters in one match
Survive for 5 minutes straight
Get a 3 or more killstreak while near death
Win 15 matches of team deathmatch
Kill an enemy while stunned by a stun grenade
Get a game winning killcam that sticking someone with a semtex
Using a semtex grenade, stick 15 enemies
Injure an enemy and then kill them with a throwing knife
Get a payback medal with a throwing knife
Be the sole surviver in a match of search and destroy
Get a game winning killcam with a pavelow
Play an entire game and end with a 5:1 kill/death ratio
Kill every member of the opposing team (must be at least 4) at least once in one life.
Kill the top player 3 times in a row
Kill the top player 5 times in a row
Get a payback in the game winning killcam
Using a semtex, stick an enemy for the final killcam
Get 5 paybacks with semtex grenades
Get five paybacks with C4
Get five paybacks with grenades
get fibe paybacks with headshots
Drop a crate on an enemy to kill them
Get a Game Winning Killcam by dropping a crate on the enemy
Fire an entire SMG magazine into your enemies without missing
Destroy a car
Get a payback with a claymore
Kill every member of the enemy team. (4 enemy minimum)
Kill the entire enemy team within 10 seconds
Iw5 cardtitle mw character delta 01.png Crush an enemy from behind using a riot shield
Get a 10 killstreak
Win a Team Hardcore Match with the top score
Headshot at least 2 enemies with a single bullet
Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives.
End a game of team deathmatch with the top score overall
Fall 15 feet or more and survive
Kill an enemy cooking a frag grenade
get a 3 killstreak using a riot shield
Rewarded ForTitle
Get a 3 melee killstreak
Fire an entire assault rifle magazine into your enemies without missing
Get a knife kill when all your ammo is empty
Finish an enemy off by hitting them with a flashbang (Direct Impact)
Prevent 25 Tactical Insertions
Fire an entire sniper rifle magazine into your enemies without missing
Kill someone with a throwing knife while flashed or stunned
Kill 25 players that spawn using Tactical Insertion
Destroy 5 enemy equipment
Kill three different people with three different weapons in on life
Kill yourself and 1 other person by cooking a grenade without throwing it
Get killed by an enemy M.O.A.B
Survive a Final Stand bleedout
Get knifed by someone using this title
Counter the enemy's UAV 3 times in a single match
Get 1 kill with the deathstreak Martyrdom
Kill 10 enemies with one killstreak
Kill multiple enemies with a semtex stuck to one of them
Kill an enemy by sticking a semtex to a member of your team
Kill an enemy that is in mid-air
Kill an enemy by shooting an explosive through a wall while using bullet penetration
Kill 15 enemies while you are crouching
Fall 30 feet or more to your death
Knife and kill someone who is using this title
Kill five enemies by destroying cars
Finish an enemy off by hitting them directly with a frag grenade
Kill an enemy with a under-barrel grenade launcher (direct impact)
Kill 25 enemies inside your smoke screen
Kill 25 enemies within the proximity of your portable radar
Kill 25 enemies that are within the proximity of your portable radar
Play an entire full-length match without dying
Stab an enemy in the back with your knife
Kill 15 players with a throwing knife
Get a 10 killstreak while you have no killstreaks equipped
Earn the All Perks Bonus 8 times
Kill 25 enemies with a headshot while using an assault rifle
Flash 25 enemies
Stun 25 enemies
EMP 25 enemies
Get 25 kills with grenades
Get 10 kills with cooked grenades
Get 15 kills with bouncing betties
Stop 25 projectiles with the Trophy System
Kill 2 or more enemies with a single C4 pack 25 times
win 5 matches of team deathmatch
Kill 2 or more enemies with a claymore
Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in 5 Free-for-all matches
Get 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles
Kill 15 enemies while you are prone
Kill 25 enemies with a headshot from a light machine gun

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