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Can you name the missing word in the quotes from The Big Bang Theory?

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QuoteMissing WordCharacter
Sheldon doesn't know when he's being mean because the part of his brain that should know is getting a Blank from the rest of his brain.Bernadette
Yeah, well my people invented Blank.Howard
This isn't a nonfat Blank, this is fatty-fat-fat!Bernadette
12 years after high school and I'm still at the Blank Blank.Leonard
I am a horny engineer, I never joke about math or Blank.Howard
I've said before, and I'll say it again. Blank sucks.Raj
Aw honey, the Blank don't go where you live do they?Penny
It means that I like women, as well as their Blank Blank Blank.Raj
Sheldon, sometimes you forget, I'm a lady. And, with that comes an estrogen- fueled need to page through thick glossy magazines that make me hate my Blank.Amy
So either one of you weirdos wanna buy my Blank? Only 1400 bucks.Penny
I'm a vegetarian. Well, except for fish, and the occasional Blank. I love Blank!Penny
No, I love my mother, my feelings for my Blank are much greater.Sheldon
I'm too small for Twister. And, roller coasters. And sitting with my feet on the floor. Hope you enjoyed the prenatal Blank, Mom.Bernadette
Sheldon knows football? I mean Blank, sure, but football?Howard
Homo habilis discovering his Blank Blank says what?Leonard
No, the X-men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be, my Blank.Sheldon
I believe that one day Sheldon will eat an enormous amount of Blank Blank and spilt into two Sheldons. Howard
QuoteMissing WordCharacter
Have you met my mother? I live in Blank Blank.Howard
If you're keeping him, I've got a cage you can borrow. One of the test monkeys slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck. It was both tragic and Blank.Amy
Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Blank must render you catatonic.Sheldon
I'd make fun of Sheldon for having Blank Blank, if I wasn't shocked that Sheldon has Blank Blank.Leonard
Im not Blank, my mother had me tested!Sheldon
No, you don't screw the Blank Blank. The Blank Blank screws you.Sheldon
That's a shame. I had a real zinger about my tilted Blank.Amy
Penny, you don't want to get into it with Sheldon. The guy's one lab accident away from being a Blank Blank.Leonard
Well then good news! Today's the day a girl's finally going to touch you in your Blank Blank Blank.Penny
Of course, I'm beautiful! I'm a Blank!Amy
They don't call me Blank Blank for nothin'.Raj
If Sheldon proposed to me during sex, my Blank would grab onto him and never let go.Amy
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Blank.Penny
When I moved to America I was pretty Blank, but when I met Howard my life change because we could be Blank together.Raj
Screw you, that was a beautifully-written Blank metaphor. Raj
Penny, I told you if you don't put him in his Blank at night, he just runs around the apartment. Leonard
He doesn't mean Blank Blank, he means where he worksBernadette

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