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A card game involving cards that explode; this game is commonly played by students at Hogwarts.
an American variant of Quidditch invented by Abraham Peasegood. Has eleven players per side and an exploding ball called the Quod.
A game involving stones played something like marbles, in which the stones spit disgusting liquid at the opposing player when they lose a point.
began in Herefordshire involves hitting an inflated pig's bladder backwards and forwards across a hedge with brooms. Still played today.
Ancient game that used an inflated dragon's bladder atop a 20 foot high pole (Germany).
Played on broomsticks, using a ball called a Dom and a series of flaming hoops.
popular in Devon, England. Similar to jousting, the goal to knock other players from their brooms.
A game in which the pieces are animated and fight for each square on the board under the command of the players.
This sport is played on broomsticks and is attended by thousands of fans every week.
In this game played on broomsticks, you try to catch hundreds of falling rocks and bludgers in cauldrons causing a huge number of fatalities, banned in 1762

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