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Can you name the Harry Potter thngs for each letter of the alphabet?

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Regulus Black's middle nameA
The name of the person who made the every flavor beansB
The Room of Requirement is known as the what room to house elves?C
The headmaster of Hogwarts immediately before Dumbledore (last name)D
The first spell Harry teaches the D.A.E
What Madam Hooch teaches at HogwartsF
One of Gryffindor's main colors (not scarlet)G
The person Voldemort killed to obtain Hufflepuff's cupH
The first name of one of the Peverell brothersI
Neville Longbottom's birthdayJ
What the avada kedavra curse doesK
The first name of a Gryffindor student in Harry's year with the last name BrownL
Remus Lupin's nickname as a kidM
Tonks's first nameN
Method of delivering mail used by wizardsO
The last name of the twins in Harry's year at HogwartsP
The most popular wizarding sport in the worldQ
Bellatrix Lestranges husbandR
The street Severus Snape lives onS
The first name of Lupin and Tonks's childT
The last name of the professor of defense against the dark arts in Harry's fifth yearU
The last name of the professor of arithmancy at Hogwarts during all of Harry's yearsV
The name of Barty Crouch's house elfW
Luna's father's nameX
The only death eater with a name that starts with YY
A popular joke shop in HogsmeadeZ

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