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Let's hit the __!
A fierce, loud animal noise
A wild pig
A vehicle that travels on water
A spoiled, stubborn person, or short for a type of frankfurter
To boast
A steep or rugged cliff
Stuff something into a space until it nearly overflows
A mollusk with shells of equal sizes
Slapping your hands together
Cut smaller or trim
To somersalt in the air
Move swiftly and lightly
A long, narrow cut or opening
A long, narrow opening in a machine to insert something
To spill or mess something
Clip ___,clip ___
What farmers grow, i.e. corn, wheat, beans, etc.
What chickens are left in
A shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself
A large diving waterbird, or a crazy person
Short for raccoon
You throw away the outside and cook the inside.Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?
The center of something, or its middle layer
Old folk tales, like Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed
What is used to draw fish in
Un-touched, perfect
Vomit, regurgitate, hurl, blow, upchuck, etc.
A sharp prod
Track events include discus, javelin, the ___ vault, and more
Your skin sometimes becomes ___ when you are sick
When you do not pay as much as usual for an item
Sodium chloride is commonly known as ___
Fine sand,clay, or other material carried by running water
A Scottish man-skirt
To make something stop living
An elevated landform
A corridor
Not short
To converse, or speak
In baseball, when the runner moves up a base because the pitcher threw to his base after moving towards home
The main part of something
To be moodily silent
A very soft material used in clothes
It comes from a cow's udder
At a ___, grain is ground into flour
To get a garden ready, by plowing or harrowing
To cause a slope by raising one end
What a flower does when it is near death
Her last ___ and Testament
A hole used to draw water from the ground
The inventor of the modern telephone
Seperating the first 4 and last 4 planets is the Asteroid ___
The material used commonly for pool table surfaces
The past tense of fall
___, a.k.a. Autumn
Not a success
What trains ride on
Liquid precipitation
If it's not a branch library, it's the ___ library
Sometimes, this comes to the post office
A moan or scream
An NBA player for the Wizards, or the Troop 41 song about him(his first name is John)
A sphere
A scream, yell, or hollar
To choose, select, or pick
A TV series that lasted from 1987 to 1995(its title's last word was House)
Michael Jordan played for the ___
To study or ruminate;ponder
A shopping center
A germinated cereal grain
A coming together of people to buy and sell
A small, rough growth, typically on hands and feet
One of the plants of the genus Polygala is milk___
To organize or do something like organizing
A place where a ship comes in from sea
Pig meat
A eating utensil that isn't a spoon
Most of the United State's gold is stashed at ___ Knox
A style of typing
Loving, affectionate, tender
A source of supply, or a stock
A music genre that originated in the late 1960's
An unpleasant person
Alecia Beth Moore's stage name
What you try to do to ships in the game 'Battleship'
The past tense of the above answer
A music genre that originated in the late 1970's
In American football, the usual play when there is a 4th down and the offense is not in field goal range
2 cups
The mixture of a color with white
A camping structure
An important assessment
A popular superlative
A break from action in which you regain energy
In the game Monopoly, this is yelled when someone lands on your property
An enthusiastic speech or text on an idea
Wilbur was at birth in 'Charlotte's Web'
To bat a pitched ball by tapping it lightly
Past tense of bend
This means 'one-hundred', and it was almost the 100th riddle(this is riddle 101)
The 40 days before Easter
This means 'for fear that'
And FINALLY, this is the ___ riddle!

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