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Can you name the chores on my to-do list by the given hints?

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A Clue or TwoThe JobWhere?
To start off, I will be plucking the bad plants from the garden, so the good ones can grow. The Garden
Then, after washing off, I'll probably clean clothes, or do the ___, as my wife isn't home.The Washer/Dryer
After lunch, I think I might run the Bissel over the carpet to clean it. Or maybe it's a Dyson.Everywhere Inside
To keep in the cleaning mood, I will break out that thing with the feathers and run it over all the flat surfaces.Everywhere Inside
I guess it'd be time to head outside. First, I'll cut the grass with the Cub Cadet.The Back and Front Yard
Once that's done, I need to move the tires around on my Jeep, or ___ them.The Garage
By then it'll be getting dark, so after getting the vegetable garden's soil ready for planting by stirring and overturning it, I'll head on in.The Vegetable Garden
Since I'm inside, I might as well go to the new addition to our house and put color on the walls with liquids.The Addition
I almost forgot- the toilet is clogged. So, before bed, I'll just quick have to use this tool un-clog it.The Bathroom

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