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A NoteThe SporclerProfile Image
Arguably the greatest Sporcler of all time, this Bostonian professor has the highest quizmaster score ever.A little green man with leaf clothing
If you like the trivia pyramids on this site, you can thank this editor.Shakespeare pulling apart his shirt to show a Superman-like 's'
The TV-watching editor from the Garden StateAn orange monkey discovering a bowler hat on his posterior
Living in Sporcle's hometown, Seattle, this History editor is perfect for the job.Bruce(a shark) from the movie 'Finding Nemo'
On a sad day in March 2011, this legend left Sporcle. He will be missed.The logo for Ohio State University on a blank background
The only editor from the UK, this 'Safe Cracker' inventor does not approve of fun.A road sign giving good advice
This Canadian music lover makes a really great editor, eh?Six white letters on a green backround
A New Yorker who is the editor for GeographyPenn State's logo
Our Holiday editor, this Sporcler has some nasty feline talesA gray cat with huge teeth on a blue background. It supposedly inspires the Sporcler.
A NoteThe SporclerProfile Image
The Sports category is edited by this Sporcler, who really enjoys making Gimme-Five quizzes.Sparty the Spartan with his hands raised
Another Bostonian editor, but this one REALLY knows his games.Some type of device opening before a wall of old Mario's
This book-reading editor comes from a city that sounds like one of an abstract painter's worksA blonde girl, apparently sleeping in the sun
To most people, this would be a ball of mucus, but to Sporcle, it is a quizmasterA.L.F.
This sea-faring mammal must have a hard time being the Movies editor underwater.Some type of superhero
The editor for Entertainment, who comes from D.C.,Two men dancing
The editor for Religion as of August 2011(lukebradford was overthrown).A Squid(or octopus) tipping his hat
This Ohioan matches the definition of quizmaster almost as well as #2. The editor for Miscellaneous, he can crank out quizzes extremely quickly.An aged tan building behind two trees and a statue
This Sporcler is a pioneer in making new quiz types, namely the labyrinths.The logo of the New England Patriots

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