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The third to last ingredient in Stride Spark Gum(Kinetic Fruit) is...The last two are Yellow 6 Lake and Yellow 5 Lake
The CEO of Liberty Skis as of December 2008His initials are at the end of the American capital city's name
The year Betty Amann diedIt was the same year the first McDonald's in Russia was built
The diameter in meters of the world's largest whoopee cushion(rounded to the nearest whole #) multiplied by 3The answer will be a factor of 162
The most traveled toy mascot is ___He is a teddy bear
Brian Jacques(the author)' son Marc's last (alphabetically) occupationThe name has the letter 't' in it
In Chinese calligraphy, there are 8 Principles of ___The 4th is called 'Ti'
The Latin name of the Amazon Frog is ___ It is nineteen letters long
Sporcle user Ben's 19th least played quiz(contributed) is ___It is 16 letters long
In the comedy book 'Laugh Lines', about aging, what is the 7th word of the 92nd page?It was written by Allison Pohn
In Armorgames.com's game Elephant Quest, not counting yourself, who is the second elephant you meet?He(or she)is a sea-ish blue
The number of letters in the Scarlet Pimpernel(a book character)'s surname, multiplied by the the number of letters in the author's first name is...The author has a title before her first name

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