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All 7 Vidmasters will earn you this
Go bottom-mid of this map and you will find snipers across from each other and rockets in the middle
Sgt. Johnson smokes these
Not ranked, but _________
Name the three purple vehicles in alphabetical order
Forged map of Foundry beginning with an 'O'
My Children, My Bride song about Halo
Annoying little creatures in Campaign constantly throwing plasma grenades
Chest armor that comes with a sword on your back
Rank before Brigadier
Definition of a Killing Spree
To beat down from behind
Hammers, swords, and a bomb to plant
Map with 2 purple lifts and 1 yellow
Used Car __________ (Achievement)
Weapon that spawns in front of overshield on Narrows
Piece of equipment that will stall a vehicle
SWAT, Magnums, and ___________
First level of Campaign (after Arrival)
Breach the barrier. Stop Truth. (Campaign level)

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