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I look down a hall, see rockets, and a shotgun room...where am I?
There's a broken Pelican either to the right or left of me, depending on which base is mine. Where am I?
I shoot down the active camo lift and pick up a hammer. Where am I?
There's the library to my right, and a ramp leading up to BR tower. Where am I?
The Brute shot spawns on a platform above rockets. Where am I?
This map has rockets and a ghost that spawn in the basement almost right next to each other.
I run down Sniper tunnel and then I see the active camo tunnel. Where am I?
This map has 2 bases, a tunnel leading to the basement, and a backdoor.
On this map, I have to wait to grab active camo because of a spinning windmill
Master Chief's first name
Laser a banshee in matchmaking or Campaign and you will unlock this achievement
The name of the Highway in Campaign (it is one of the levels)

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Created Nov 5, 2009ReportNominate
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