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UNSC stands for this
Master Chief sticks a magnum to his head during the first part of the Campaign
Clear the base, whatever it takes.
Sgt. Major Johnson's first name
The basement of Sandbox
Go out too far, and they'll kill you (Snowbound)
Shotgun's clip size
Weapon that USUALLY gives you 4 shots when you pick it up
Covenant's rocket launcher
You're in Guardian. Go to the bottom of the forest and you'll find this weapon and then jump up to go to top-mid and you'll find this equipment.
Triple kill with a sword in lone wolves (Achievement)
Rounds capacity of a Battle Rifle
Shoot a vehicle with this weapon and it will stall it
trvgiay mhmrea (Unscramble)
The one map that is inside and has a Mongoose (Rat's Nest is not COMPLETELY inside. There is an outside by Rocket's spawn)
Level with a beach, and on that beach is a Ghost and a Warthog
The machine gun turret bridge leads to the laser tower on this map
This map's basement has 3 pathways. Two of them lead to the bases, and the other to the top-mid of the map
Starting back-up weapon in slayer when it's NOT BR's.
Equipment that sits on top of the sniper towers on The Pit

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