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Can you name the answers to questions about the popular series 'The League'?

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Who is the sad, middle-aged man driving around a van full of 'equipmonk' created by Pete?
What food chain does Taco win a life-time supply of after winning their jingle contest?
What martial arts blade does Taco sing about?
What injury does Andre and Frank Gore share?
What is the name of the janitor company Steve works for?
What painting does Andre pay $25000 for?
What is the name of the sushi restaurant that Ruxin and Kevin go to
What cult does Ruxin join for fantasy advice?
Who created Crawdad Man?
What kind of car does Pete drive?
What does Rafi always call Pete?
What is the name of the doctor Andre says to never go into business with?
What is the name of The League's Super Bowl?
What is the name of Taco's idea for Netflix for neckties?
What kind of animal was Shakespeare?

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