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Characters Game
Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Kimahri Ronso
Raiden, Otacon, Emma Emmerich
Captain Qwark, Clank, Drek
Slash, Tom Morello, Bret Michaels
Carl Johnson, Frank Tenpenny, Sean Johnson
Scorpion, Shocker, Vulture
Professor Frink, Kang, Kodos
Basch, Larsa, Doctor Cid
Unknown, Ogre, Angel
Dante, Trish, Mundus
Max, Alex, Rico
Tommy Vercetti, Sonny Forelli, Lance Vance
Nicholas Kang-Wilson, Rosie Velasco, Wanda Parks
Characters Game
Leon Kennedy, Ashley Graham, Ada Wong
Alexander Mayhew, Alura McCall, Zoe Nightshade
Private Aleksandr Sokolov, Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna, Sergeant Sam Rivers
Jimmy Hopkins, Gary Smith, Pete Kowalski
Gill, Bruce, Marlin
Claire Redfield, Rodrigo Juan Raval, Steve Burnside
Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed, Peppita Rossetti
Cassandra, Raphael, Talim
Vincent Valentine, Omega Weiss, Azul
Lady Margaret Beaufort, Bandit Keith, Ishizu Ishtar
Calypso, Agent Stone, Marcus Kane
Low, Pepper, Scallion, Peace

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