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SituationWhat do you do?
How to free a car stuck in the snow. A. Let some air out of the tires. B. Put the car in low gear and drive. C. Rev the engine until the engine heat melts the snow.
How to retain fluids in the desert. A. Even if you have no fluids, eat what you can. B. Do not talk, breathe through your nose, not your mouth. C. Drink alcohol if you have it.
How to survive if you are in the line of gunfire. A. Run away in a straight line. B. Run away, weaving back and forth. C. Duck and wait for shooter to reload, then run.
How to escape from a grizzly bear. A. Lie still and quiet. B. Climb the nearest tree. C. Throw rocks or sticks at the bear and growl loudly.
How to slow dehydration. A. As supply dwindles, wean yourself from water by decreasing your ration amount. B. Substitute urine or swear for water. C. Do not eat.
How to treat a boil. A. Keep it wet and warm. B. Keep it cool and dry. C. Keep it out of the sun and covered.
How to recover from a capsized raft. A. Climb in from the upwind side of the raft. B. Climb in from the downwind side of the raft. C. Hang from the side of the raft to keep it from
How to catch the most fish. A. Fish during a calm, clear day when the fish are plainly visible. B. Fish at night when there is a full moon. C. Fish early in the mourning when the f
How to escape from killer bees. A. Jump into a body if water if near one. B. Run away as fast as possible. C. Stand still.
How to reduce the pain from a bee sting. A. Mix meat tenderizer and water, and apply to sting. B. Put olive oil on sting. C. Pour tomato juice and whiskey on sting.
How to cure diarrhea in the wild. A. Eat only raw vegetables until symptoms subside. B. Drink an infusion made from grubs or leeches. C. Drink an infusion of elm or oak bark.

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