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Numbers 1-100
now backwards
now backwards
____ Street Crash, 1929 (word ladder start)
Shopping ____
____ Whisky
Table ____
For ____
'You Look ____!'
____ Tree
____ Before the Storm (Word ladder end)
James Bond's Idea of a Vodka _______:
3 Measures of ________
1 Measure of _____
Half a Measure of ____ Lillet
Shake It Over ___
And Add a Thin Slice of _____ Peel
Surname of Leading Character in 24
Country Beginning With 'Q'
Us and ____ (Pink Floyd)
Mad _____ (Famous song)
Arnold ______________
'Duffman can't _______, oh no!
Lowest Amount You Can Win in 'Deal Or No Deal'
Highest Amount: ___ Grand
One of the First 2 Characters To Appear in 'A New Hope'
'Jinx! Touch ____!'
What came first, the chicken or the ___?
A circle has no _________
Number of sides on a heptagon
Opposite of beginning

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