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Forced Order
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lyricssong titleactual lyrics
When you're burned from my window, broken, I had, I had to slip it had seen during the day
Been generated for the number of the beast hell fire is released
In my cold cell, when you start the chime is waiting for the bell to me
Brother was standing here, they all of them, Earl
Rain of blood has been split from the sky
Many of the 18 hangar've, I may not know to look too much
Hit the bag too long for me, I'm glad to come back home to black
So, to waste your time always, in order to understand, ostensibly, you ... Do not confirmed realize that I live in a golden age, looking many years in vain them your point of view.
lyricssong titleactual lyrics
In fear, darkness, of fear, I have a constant fear of something in the dark, I close the
You are selling people, or that you are buying peace?
I cry, laugh laugh laugh promise of master, master only, laugh laugh laugh at everything I saw and heard
Leave to care, there is a sanatorium, I just leave me alone
Dum Dum Dum Dum da warrior uncle uncle-o mole wax ring is certainly a bottle of whiskey
To his withers, his or her turn to come next victim
It's time to live in there that you are born as soon as possible, you are dead, it is no wonder

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