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Can you name the WW1 Warring Countires?

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#1 Europe power, strong navy
Crumbling in Anatolia, disputes with Russia, Central Power
Multinational state below Germany, attacked Serbia
Joined war in 1917, supported allies early on
Many wars with Germany, member of Triple Entente
Stayed out of war, next to France and Portugal
Area in which Norway and Sweden reside, didn't fight in the war
The Schlieffen Plan was for Germany to attack France and _______
Received Zimmermann Telegram, but didn't fight in the war
Joined war on Allied side later on, joined Axis in WW2
Established in 1922, withdrew from WW1
Unstable public, poor power, in the East
Killed Archduke Franz
Attacked France early in the war, member of Triple Alliance, blamed for war
Betrayed Central Powers, joined Allies

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