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Can you name the Norse/Viking Mythology Characters?

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'Father God', with 2 ravens and wolfs, no eye
Powerful hammer, God of thunder
Really a giant, trickster, starts Ragnarok
Huge fire giant in Muspelheim who destroys the world
First frost giant, killed by Odin
Guard of the rainbow bridge
Rainbow bridge from Asgard to Midgard
Ruler of the castle of Utgardr, gave Thor impossible challanges
Son of Loki, meant to devour Odin at Ragnarok, a wolf
Also a son of Loki, kills Thor at Ragnarok, a GIANT serpent
3rd daughter of Loki, ruler of the underworld
Land of fire in the beginning, Surt is from here
Land of the Light Elves
Land of the frost giants
Fertility God, kingship, one of the Vanir, killed by Surt at Ragnarok
Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sister of Freyr
God of law and heroic glory, no hand
Land of humans and dwarfs with a sea around it
Home of the Gods, made out of Ymir's skull
Realm of cold and ice, one of the first realms with Muspelheim, home of Hel
Giant world tree connecting all worlds
Underground beings made out of Ymir's maggots, forge weapons and armor and rings
God of love and his death starts Ragnarok
God of poetry
God of justice, son of Baldr
talking head of a decapitated guy, lots of wisdom
Wife of Odin
Odin's horse, 8 legs
End of the world
Void in the beginning of the world
Powerful warrior hero with epics titled after him, kills Grendel
Monster harassing Heorot Hall, loses arm in fight with a hero
Dwarf turned into dragon due to his greed for gold, slain by hero and betrayed his brother
Powerful hero who slays Fafnir and eats the dragon's heart, helps Regin

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