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Modern superpower, country of strength and fat
Major communist superpower, collapsed in 1991
Largest population
Technologically advanced, head of all anime
Starving because of a dictator, powerful army, 'North'
Donald Trump wants them to pay for the wall
Ancient European power during the Classical Age, capital in Italy
Many revolutions, small food, 'Viva la ______!!!'
Once the world's strongest navy, tea, Royal Family
Group of seafarers, powerful warriors in the Dark Ages
Destroyed the Aztecs, could have taken over Europe economically, bad economy now
Lots of elephants, controlled by British Empire, very smart
Lots of oil fields, one of the last modern monarchies
Eastern Roman Empire, destroyed by Turks, hired viking mercenaries
Formed by Otto Von Bismarck, fought in both World Wars, powerful economy now
The only Portuguese speaking South American Country, big
Kangaroos, Koalas, m8
Attacked Serbia in WW1 for killing Franz Ferdinand
The largest land empire ever, guys on horseback
Moose, North, but not 'Merica.
Huge pagan temple pyramids in Mesoamerica, lots of people died of disease
Giant Empire, conquered by Alexander The Great
Golden Age during the Classical Era, Zeus, many city-states
Built the pyramids
Huge walls. absorbed by Persian Empire, very good at science, starts with a 'B'
Huge, part of Denmark
Destroyed the Byzantium, part of Central Powers
Giant and powerful in the Medieval Ages, now Germany, u can use the abbreviation
Near Spain, established colonies along India
Oil, Uranium, Borat
Britain was controlled by this group of people until 1066
Harassed East Rome, Attila The ___
Alexander The Great is from here
For slavery, fought North America
Known for a dictator with a beard, missile crisis
Catholic Church had their seat in Rome, during Medieval Ages called the
William Wallace, Highlands
Killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
Nazca Desert, South America, the natives were the

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