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2017: 'Whatever mad scientist at target marketing thought this up deserves all the awards - Calltehshots'
2016: 'She's dancing like she's high as **** in the desert and I approve this message. - MrSwearWord'
2017: 'queen of playing Super Mario - RandomDKguy'
2004: 'TIL that white people were saying kawaii all the way back in 2004. - Mudkip1'
1973: 'She's just begging this woman to let her have the man she doesn't deserve because of how happy he makes her. Such a classic tune. - Dictarium'
2011: 'When what's considered the 'flop' single peaked at #3. What an era. - GoldenRetrieverz'
2016: 'How your lyrics video way better than your actual video it's flabbergasting? - Tak08810'
2016: 'May or may not have done some of this music video while on the bike at the gym today. - Batmanji'
2002: '[ARTIST] peaked at Icky Vicky. - Berober4'
2016: 'The coffin selfies are the best. - MCBawse'
2016: 'It's like J Pop meets Mad Max. - Yoooooouuuuuuuu'
2016: 'So is this the 'non-photoshopped' version? - JoeThaMo'
2011: 'Probably my all time favorite Beyoncé video (even though a good chunk of the choreography was ripped off). - Rickdmer'
2016: 'Straight up kylo ren style with the cross smashing. - MilkDreams
1985: 'Lorde did this song justice. - lowercase_thoughts.'
2017: 'thank you [ARTIST] for inventing religion, I'm totes all in - filo4000'
2017: '[ARTIST] walks on water, she's our new Messiah, it's confirmed. - MashLuke'
1990: 'I wonder what kind of career she would've had if she didn't perform on SNL. - ImADudeDuh'
2017: ' Does anyone else find this unintentionally hilarious. Like it's just him being thrown around the highlands - Tashling'
2016: 'this sounds like a distorted spring - SpaceshipWeirdo'

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