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Can you name the Countries of North America?

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Its internet code is .gd
This country is known for the canal that seperates North from South America.
Portsmouth is a town on what Caribbean island country?
Santo Domingo is its capital.
Motto: 'Peace and Justice'
This country is known for its practice of voodoo.
The vacation spot called Atlantis is on what island country?
The capital of this country is on the island of Barbuda.
This country's flag has a triton on it.
This country created the steel drums.
Has one of the most popular vacation cities.
San Jose...
This country gained their independence from the UK on September 19,1983.
This lake is the biggest in Central America that is named after the country...
The only North American country that doesn't border the Pacific Ocean
Known for their bananas.
This is the only North American country that doesn't border the Atlantic Ocean.
It has a maple leaf on its flag.
Tikal is a place in this country.
Its national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner.
The Kwadril is a popular folk dance in this country.
Their flag has five blue stars.
Tobacco is a major crop in...

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