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A lively dance of Bohemian origin
A Native American, with a Disney movie revolving around her
An outer garment to keep you warm / A coat that protects you from the rain
Tuberous, starchy crop
Largest city of a western US State
To think carefully; contemplate
Evoking a sense of sadness and regret
A red fruit of the Lythraceae family
A spiny creature that you do NOT want to touch
Chains of amino acids that make up proteins
Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong, Abraham Lincoln etc.
When grains inside the anthers of a flower gets transferred to a stigma of the same or another flower
Affectedly grand or self-important
This city got buried by Vesuvius
The amount of people in a country
A fish in the Bramadae family, found in the Pacific
Part of the First Triumvirate
Son of Lena and Zeus / A bright star in the constellation Gemini
Pig meat
A Canadian dish involving fries, gravy and cheese
Element 84
Prepositions help to describe this
A person who knows many languages
Capital of Benin
Being respectful and courteous to others; considerate
A tree-dwelling Australasian marsupial
A famous wizard's last name
Eats spinach and gets buff
Optimistic; not negative
A white translucent ceramic; china

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