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Can you name the words that starts and ends with E?

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The practice of spying to obtain information about the plans and activities of a foreign government
A code of behavior that delineates expectations
To repeat, usually after a show.
The quality of being full of energy and cheerfulness
Ottoman, Roman, Russian, Chinese
To steal or misappropriate
American Bird
A conductor through which electricity enters or leaves an object or a Pokemon
To wipe out an entire specie.
Sudden violent shaking of the ground
Can be eaten
When the moon blocks the sun.
A family of flowering plants belonging to order Ericales.
Producing or tending to produce an electric current.
The opposite of decode
Bah Humbag!
Pikachu to Raichu or Magikarp to Gyarados
Make someone a slave
Lets end with a bang!

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