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Can you name the Smallest Inhabited Islands?

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Size (Square Km)IslandHint
~0.56 It is so tiny, that there is only a single lighthouse on it.
3.88An island in the Grenadines.
4.12A tiny volcanic island, and may like sushi.
9.55Clusters of villages on this Line Island
9.8A tiny island part of the Cook Islands
12A US outlying island with a population of 4-20.
12.14Has a measly population of 37.
12.65One of the Shetland Islands.
13Part of The Kingdom of the Netherlands.
16.6Located in Pierce County, Washington State.
17.11The northernmost island in Macaronesia
20.72A completely independent nation, included in the UN.
Size (Square Km)IslandHint
32Contrary to popular belief, the first word is NOT Saint.
33.25 (141.25 including ocean)A series of Thai islands with a tiny population.
47Comprises of 4 islands
69The smallest inhabited island in French Polynesia.
163.6A island where statues may be seen.
207One of the most remote places to be.
UnspecifiedOne of 1,864 islands in the Saint Lawrence River.
UnspecifiedThis island has but a villa.
UnspecifiedIsland off the coast of Belize.
UnspecifiedThis key prefers to be anonymous.
Unspecified: 270m long and 67m wideAn island within Italy, and it is smaller than Vatican City.
Unspecified: 4.82km longAn island of New Brunswick

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