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Can you name these landmarks when the letters of their country are taken out?

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NameAnswerRemoved Letters
H_llyw_ _ _ / _ _g_D, I, N, O, S
S_o_ _h_ _ _ _E, G, N, T
_ _uschw_ _st_i_ C_stl_A, E, N
F_ _ _ _l Mo_queA, I, S
_ngk_r W_tA, O
Ti_icho _ _k_A, E, L
Twe_ve _po_ _ _e_A, L, S, T
W_ _ _s_r Cas_l_D, E, I, N, O, T
R_ _ _ _o Br_dgeA, I, L, T
_ _ TowerC, N
Ato_ _ _ _I, M, U
A_g_ _ Fa_ _sE, L, N
_ _ _ _h V_ll_yA, D, E, T
_ _ _ _ _ _ (sorry)A, C, N, R
Mou_ _ K_l_m_ _j_roA, I, N, T
NameAnswerRemoved Letters
_h_ _h_n _tzaC, E, I
B_ _ B_ _E, G, I, N
L_s_ _uxA, C
S_ _ _ _ Pe_er's B_s_l_ _ _A, C, I, N, T
Louv_ _ Mus_umE, R
S_ _ _ _ / _o_u_A, C, E, R
R_c_ / _f / _ _bral_arG, I, K, O, T
M_ _ _re_ O_ J_mA, F, I, N, T
_ _ _j Kh_l_f_ A, B, I, R, U
_i_ _ _l Tow_ _E, F, R
_ _ _ _ _ (sorry)L, R, U
_ph_s_sE, U
Cl_ _ _ G_ _ _A, D, E, O, T, U
B_ _ _d_ _bu_ _ / _ _t _A, E, G, N, R
_ _ _th C_peA, N, O, R

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