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Can you name the Fate/Zero characters by how they die?

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Manner of DeathCharacter
Torn apart by the Gate of Babylon
Shot with his own pistol
Shot after giving out a command seal
Natural causes after failing to obtain immortality
Stabbed with Azoth Sword
Strangled to death
Falls into a pit of worms
Obliterated by Excalibur
Natural causes after sinking into madness
Stabbed by Excalibur
Stabbed by Ea
Manner of DeathCharacter
Gunned down and slain by Excalibar after losing right arm
Charged down by Ionioi Hetairoi
Gored by a boar
Shot after signing self-geas
Blown up by an RPG
Shot by sniper rifle
Stabbed by Gáe Dearg
Fatally injured by a disguised servant
Turned into a Dead Apostle by accident
Illness, possibly malaria or maybe poison

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