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Can you name the people who use these sobriquets?

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SobriquetActual Name
the Spider
the Hound
the Kingslayer
the Young Wolf
the Greatjon
the Smalljon
the Imp
the Mountain That Rides
the Blackfish
the Queen of Thorns
the Reader
the Red Viper
the Dragonbane
the Young Dragon
the Beggar King
the Red Woman
the Onion Knight
SobriquetActual Name
the Evenstar
the Beauty
Bronze Yohn
the Crow's Eye
the Old Bear
the Halfhand
the Bastard of Nightsong
the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons
the Knight of Flowers
the Lightning Lord
the Titan's Bastard
the Bastard of Driftmark
the Blue Bard
Little Lucos
Erik Anvil-Breaker, Erik the Just
Lady Stoneheart

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