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Can you answer these questions about these non-Texan 'lone star' things?

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The 'Lone Stars' is the nickname for this West African nation's association football team:
This South American country's flag is known as La Estrella Solitaria:
The band Lonestar had a #1 hit in 1999 with this song:
The protagonist of this 1987 sci-fi spoof was named 'Captain Lone Starr':
'Lone Star' was a 1954 episode of this greeting card company's Hall of Fame TV show:
Name any of the four Scrabble accepted anagrams of 'STAR':
This company's brand of All-Stars shoes feature a logo with a single star in a circle:
Lone Star was the last steam-powered wooden hull paddlewheel to ply this North American river:
The Lone Star was the name of a sailing barque in this detective's story 'The Five Orange Pips':
Sola stelo is the translation of 'lone star' in this constructed language:
Barnard's Star, the closest 'lone star' to the sun, appears in this snake-holding constellation:
Project Lonestar is a fan-driven converion mod for this post-apocalyptic Bethesda game:
This Colombian comedian was the lone star of the 1998 Broadway show Freak:
This religion's symbol is a six-pointed star known as the Magen David:
The star atop the Christmas tree represents this star that lead the Magi to Jesus:

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