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This Houston Rockets center
and NBA Hall of Famer
was known as 'The Dream'
Before the Texans, Houston was
the home of this team, which
packed their bags in 1998
to become the Tennessee Titans
Along with fellow 'Killer Bs'
Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman,
this Hall of Famer led the Houston
Astros to the 2005 World Series
Houston is home to several public
parks, including this one that
houses the Houston Zoo and
the Miller Outdoor Theatre
The Greater Houston metropolitan
area stretches all the way south
down to this marginal sea that forms
the US's 'Third Coast'
Houston is also known as the
Bayou City due to this downtown
waterway and its tributaries
Kelly and Michelle will tell
you that this musical trio
of Independent Women
formed in Houston 1997
The Lee Hazlewood penned
song 'Houston' was a hit for this
crooning King of Cool in 1965
Controversy erupted at the finale of Super Bowl XXXVIII's halftime show when Justin Timberlake exposed this singer's right breast 
This 1995 movie stars
Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell and
features the famous quote
'Houston, we have a problem'
This Houston-born actor played
city namesake Sam Houston in the
2004 version of The Alamo
The city of Houston was obliterated
by a nuclear bomb used against
alien invaders in this 1996
sci-fi action adventure
Houston was the setting for this
sit-com starring a country singer who shared a first name with the Southern soccer mom she played
This Houston journalist and
media personality was well known
for his investigative reporting on
the infamous 'Chicken Ranch'
Houston native Hilary Duff played the titular character on this early 2000's Disney Channel show 
Just For Fun
Houston's official nickname:

The 'Eighth Wonder of the World':

Nearby oil field which ignited the area's oil boom:

This Houston-based energy
company eventually folded after
some 'creative accounting' was
discovered in 2001
In April 1997, Houston Intercontinental Airport was renamed after this former U.S. President 
The University of Houston mascot
is this large cat, also commonly
known as the mountain lion
Sam Houston led the Texian Army in the Battle of San Jacinto, securing a victory against this Mexican general 
The Houston Ship Channel was made viable for deep-water transport after this city's destruction by the Great Hurricane of 1900 
Houston's streets were laid
out with assistance from this
surveyor, inventor, and
condensed milk creator
This Houston based 1975 book by Larry McMurtry was made into an award winning movie starring Shirley Maclaine 
Run, Brother, Run is a memoir by David Berg about his brother's killing outside of Houston at the hands of this 'Cheers' actor's father 
Houston native Attica Locke's 2015 thriller shares this name with a 1998 Tobey Maguire/Reese Witherspoon film 
After English, the three most
spoken languages in Houston:

Approximately 758,000 speakers


Approximately 31,600 speakers


Approximately 26,600 speakers

Houston is the location of the Johnson Space Center, home of Mission Control for this agency 
Flood damage from this 2001 storm made it the first Atlantic storm to have its name retired without ever reaching hurricane strength 
The University of Texas MD Anderson Center is one of the world's largest treatment and research facilities for this disease 
This Houston university plays
host to OwlCon, an annual
gathering featuring role-playing,
board, and card games
On the Level Game Studio is the company behind Boo Bunny Plague, a game available on this digital distributing platform 
Houston Rocket and NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady graced the cover of the '07 installment of this EA Sports game 
This Houston-born model and
reality TV star was wed to octogenarian J. Howard Marshall
in a highly publicized marriage
This eclectic monument named
after creator Jeff McKissack's favorite fruit has become a well-known center for visionary art
This Tony Award-winning regional theatre first opened its doors and raised its curtain in 1968 
This New York Times bestselling
author is also the Senior
Pastor of Lakewood Church megachurch in Houston
The papal exhibit at the National Museum of Funeral History includes one of these vehicles used by Pope John Paul II 
Unsurprisingly, nearly three quarters of Houston's church-going populace claim this religion 
Houston holds one of the largest celebrations in the country for this
Hindu Festival of Colors
Halloween in Houston is particularly
spooky thanks to Scream World
and Phobia, two of these large seasonal attractions
During the Winter holiday season,
many Houstonians partake in this
frosty activity in the usually lush
and grassy Discovery Green

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