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Can you find the Doctor and his things in this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey logic puzzle?

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GERONIMO! The Doctor has asked YOU to be his new Companion! But, in order to earn you very own TARDIS key, you'll have to successfully complete a test of logic he has devised. In his travels, the Doctor has crossed paths with countless historical figures and has drafted 25 of them to assist with the quest. He visited with all of them, giving TWELVE a personal item for you to collect on your way and is now waiting for you with another. Your mission is to use your borrowed vortex manipulator to figure out who only got a (V)isit, who he left an (I)tem with and who the (D)octor is currently with. Before you get all timey-wimey, be sure to click "HOW TO PLAY" for some important notes! Good luck, and ALONS-Y!
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Queen Elizabeth I
Louis Pasteur
H. G. Wells
Catherine de' Medici
Albert Einstein
Vincent van Gogh
William Shakespeare
Charles Dickens
Cyrano de Bergerac
Richard the Lionheart
Richard Nixon
Bing Crosby
George Stephenson
Wyatt Earp
Lucius Cæcilius Iucundus
Winston Churchill
Agatha Christie
Marco Polo
Madame de Pompadour
Napoleon Bonaparte
Kublai Khan
Queen Victoria
Henry Avery

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