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What kind of organisms can a pathogen be?
Through which two systems do pathogens generally enter?
A pattern between two variables is generally described as a ...........
Name a lifestyle choice that can affect cancer risk?
In digestion, name one of the three bodies that secrete enzymes.
What kind of enzyme digests fats?
What individual unit is a polymer formed of?
What is the chemical formula of glucose?
Which reagent is used to test for reducing sugars?
Why does the test for reducing sugars turn reddish if positive?
The bonds between monosaccharides are called ...........
These bonds are formed in which type of reaction?
What kind of chemical is used to hydrolyse disaccharides the test for reducing sugars?
Is starch a mono-, di-, or poly-saccharide?
A positive iodine test for starch is which colour?
Digestion of starch begins with which specific enzyme?
Sucrose is made up of which two monosaccharides?
What do lactose intolerant individual lack (pardon the pun)?
What alternative name can be given to a long chain of amino acids?
....... structure is the name given to the folding of proteins using H-bonds in alpha-helixes and beta-sheets
Which bond in the tertiary structure of proteins is the strongest?
A group separate to the polypeptide chain but involved in the quaternary structure of an enzyme is given what name?
.......... reagent is used to test for proteins.
An enzyme reacts fits neatly to its ............
Temperature has a positive effect on enzyme action until what happens?
Which model of enzyme action is more accurate than lock + key?
Name one of three main factors that can affect rate of enzyme-catalysed reactions
Of the two kinds of enzyme inhibitors, which binds somewhere other than the active site?
Magnification = size of image / .........
Blending of the cells during cell fractionation is called?
Which organelle would be sedimented last in the ultracentrifugation process?
What is the resolving power of a TEM?
Which body in the centre of the nucleus produces the ribosomes?
How many membranes do mitochondria have?
The formation of any triglyceride is a .......... reaction?
The test for lipids involves which chemical?
What is the cell membrane generally made up of?
Fick's Law = SA x Difference in concentration all divided by length of .................
Facilitated Diffusion uses channel or ......... proteins?
What is the highest possible water potential value?
Which two structures increase the surface area of the small intestine?
What process allows Na+ ions to enter the epithelial cells?
What kind of cell contains no nucleolus, eukaryotic or prokaryotic?
What are the three main constituents of effective ORT?
....... create a high surface area in the lungs
The ribs move ........... and ............ during inspiration
Which two gases are exchanged in the lungs?
What is the binomial classification of the pathogen that causes tuberculosis?
Which lifestyle choice is generally responsible for emphysema?
What are the four main blood vessels connected to the heart called?
Which specialised muscle fibres does the AVN transmit its signal down?
Which of the two types of cholesterol is responsible for heart disease?
Is phagocytosis a specific or non-specific immune response?
Cell-mediated immunity uses which lymphocytes?
Which cells produce the antibodies directly after the
Antibodies are formed from which two types of chains?
Name a use of monoclonal anitbodies
Why is vaccination only limited to working in the shorter term, unless herd immunity is reached?
Is passive or active immunity longer lasting?

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