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'Curiosity is not a sin but one must _______ _______ with their curiosity...yes indeed...' Dumbledore
Luna Lovegood wore what to Slughorn's party in the 6th book?
Buckbeaks new name in the 6th book
Sirius's new name in the 4th book
Harry's ancestor in which hands down the cloak of invisibilty
Name of girl in which Teddy Lupin gets caught snogging with
Harry's second son's full name
Dumbledores full name
Man who writes Dumbledores Obituary
Ginny's real first name
Where Snape lived as a child
Who were the pictures on Luna Lovegoods ceiling of? (Names in Alphabetical Order)
Rons full name
Name of creature that digs for gold
Harry, Luna, Ginny, Neville, Ron, and Hermione all rode on what to get to the Ministry of Magic in the 5th book
A _______ _______ is used by Draco Malfoy to get Death Eaters into Hogwarts
this witch was under the imperius curse in the 6th book
Neville lost this when he fell off his broom at flying lessons in the 1st book
Spell that explodes objects
Hermione used a ________ ________ to get to all of her classes in the 3rd book
part of a soul contained in an object
Lupin's code name on potterwatch in the 7th book
Which fruit on the painting in the 4th book needed to be tickled to access the kitchens?
Girl who was cursed by touching an opal necklace
the word written on the basilisk paper in Hermiones petrified hand that explained how the snake was getting around the school
girl who teased moaning myrtle when she was alive
Bill gets attacked by _____ ______ in the 6th book
Harry encounters a riddle bestowing ______ in the maze in the 4th book
Type of wand that Harry gets from Ron that does not work for him
Water creature with brittle hands but a strong grip
Ron and Hermione's children
Bellatrix dies by the hand of ________ ________
The night that Voldemort killed Harry's parents
Snape had a life long love for ___ ______
Harry played this to lure Fluffy to sleep
What was the name of Hagrid's mother?
The waterfall that washed off all enchantments at gringotts was called
The chapter in Harry Potter 5 in which Hagrid tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione about is travels is called...
Harry found the sword of Godric Gryffindore at...
Harry first hears about the room of requirement indirectly from
Fleur Delacour went to the Yule Ball with...
When Harry first sees peeves in his first year, what is peeves carrying?
What comes to Harry and Ron's rescue in the 2nd book when they talk to Aragog (brand of vehicle)
One of the times Harry, Ron, and Hermione go and visit Hagrid in his cabin, he serves them beef casserole. What does Hermione unearth in her portion?
The first teacher to get sacked by Umbridge is
When opened above water, the golden egg from the 4th book does what?
According to Harry, what do dobby's eyes look like?
Voldemort kills Snape where?
When Harry first meets Luna, she is reading the Quibbler upside down so that the ancient runes on the page reveal a spell that does what to an enemy?
The last words of the epilogue in Harry Potter 7 is

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