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Can you name the Gustar Y Otros Verbos De Expression?

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Yo (Gustar) singular
Tú (Gustar) singular
El/Ella/Usted (Gustar) singular
We (Gustar) singular
All ya'll (Gustar) singular
They (Gustar) singular
Yo (Gustar) plural
Tú (Gustar) plural
El/Ella/Usted (Gustar) plural
We (Gustar) plural
All ya'll(Gustar) plural
They (Gustar) plural
To dislike
to enchant/ love
to be important/ to matter
to be interested in
to hurt
to fascinate
The event
The dance
The club
the (costume) party
the date/ appt.
the guest (of honor) male
the guest (of honor) female
the hug
the kiss
the social life
the surprise
the surprise party
to accept an invitation
to have a good time
to be at home
to be available
to be busy
to brag
to brag about
to brag about one's riches
to celebrate
to congratulate
to entertain
to flirt
to greet
To introduce oneself
To socialize
To mingle

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