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15 Facts and Questions about MLK

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He was born in this city
MLK's first name was originally this, until his father change both his own and his son's name in honor of the theologian
He attending this HBCU for college at age 15 after skipping two grades in high school
In 1964, he became the youngest person to be honored with this award, the monetary prize of which he donated
He, oddly enough, won this award for 'Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam' in 1971
This magazine named him 'Man of the Year', the first for an African American
He based his stance of non-violent resistance/civil disobedience from the teachings of this other Civil Rights leader
His first major civil rights action was leading this boycott in 1955
A prolific writer and speaker, MLK's most famous speech is entitled this, and was largely done ad-lib
He was jailed 29 times and during one stint he penned this famous letter
He was assassinated in this city
When he stepped onto a balcony to do this (which he hid)
By this man
In this year
In 1983, this US President declared his birthday to be observed as a national holiday

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