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Can you name the GOODBYE FOREVER's top 100 favorite places ever?

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1Big Mac
2Bowling alley in Denver, CO
3Jack Box
4A Water park in Denver, CO
5A Library in Denver, CO
6A clothing shop
7A shopping center that starts with the letter W
8A CD store in Denver, CO
9Another music store in Denver, CO
10An arcade center that starts with the letter D
11A department store that starts with a letter T
12Another library in Denver, CO
13Whopper Burger
14A thrift store that starts with G
15A pretzel restaurant
16A Video game store
17The That was easy store
18A Dairy restaurant
19An American Movie Theatre
20A movie theater that starts with an R
21An arcade center that costs 5 cents
22A bookseller store
23A store that sells toys
24A clothing store that starts with H
25A bowling alley
26Another library from Denver, CO
27A rent a car store
28A hotel that starts with H
29A gas station with a dinosaur
30An elementary school in Denver
31A pet store
32Another pet store
33A Food Market
34An arts and crafts store
35A Store I love so much
36A library in Englewood, CO
37Where a kid can be a kid
38A coffee shop
39A gas station
40A burger restaurant
41An aquarium in Denver
42A milkshake restaurant
43Mmmm Toasty
44A sandwhich restaurant
45A Tanning superstore
46An art museum in Denver, CO
47A zoo in Denver, CO
48A science museum in Denver, CO
49A History museum in Denver, CO
50A farmers market
51A furniture store
52A book store in Denver, CO
53A world market
54A Hardware store that starts with A
55Another hardware store
56A horse store
57A Rock N Roll Cafe
58A retro soda store
59A Corral Restaurant
60A grocery store that starts with an 'S'
61America's Roast Beef
62Dave's Juicy Hamburgers
63Another gas station
64A camping store
65Sporting goods store
66A Flea Market
67A pizza restaurant
68Pizza! Pizza!
69Another video game store
70An electronics store
71Gardens in Denver, CO
72A bank that starts with a 'W'
73A big store!!!!!!
74Thrift store!!
75A dentist
76A thrift store in Mile High
77A store that sells GULP sodas
78A supermaket in Colorado
79A clothing shop that starts with an 'O'
80A donut restaurant
81A children's hospital in Colorado
82A hospital in Denver Colorado
83A restaurant and bakery
84An arcade center that starts with a 'G'
85A chili restaurant
86A breakfast restaurant
87Another auto parts shop
88An auto parts store
89A One Dollar Store
90A Dollar store
91A hotel from Hilton
92A Car Freeway store
93Another Chicken restaurant
94A crafts store
95It's finger licking good!
96A toy store in Colorado
97A college in Denver, CO
98An amusement park in Colorado
99A bar and restaurant
100A Taco Restaurant

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