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'I've been... surrounded by darkness.'
What's Quirrell's excuse for Voldemort's sneeze?
Who was Harry totally in love with since freshman year? (first name)
'What the hell is a...?'
A Horcrux can be anything, like a...or a dolphin.
'Everything is... and I don't know where to land.'
'Just put a little...on it, it's fine.'
'Is okay...?'
Hermione may be... but she's super-smart.
What are Hufflepuffs good at?
'You're tall and fun and pretty, you're really really skinny...' (first time)
'I take two feet. Two...feet.'
'And a ... snake is a highly poisonous snake!'
Who does Neville pants? (first name)
Draco has a homemade what?
Who does the person Harry asks to the ball go with? (full name)
'We're quite a kooky... you'll agree'
'That is a boss...poster'
'Back to...and wizards.'
Who does Harry ask to the Yule Ball? (full name)
'Oh look, it's...Potter! Moonshoes Potter!'
Who's falling in love with Hermione Granger?(first names, alphabetical order)
'Are you talking about my...?'
What color are Ginny's shoes?
'I'm living off the glory of a stupid...story.
Where is Winnipeg?
Stop and think my friends, what would... do for you?
What will Voldemort have when he rules the world?
What stupid thing can't Harry take?
'Oh, they're all...' (Mrs. Weasley quote)
'We'll be an army for...'
'Get me some... you swine!'
Where's Draco going to be transferred?
'I'm happy as a... long as I'm with Mr. Quirrell.
'Acio...! Hey Dragon, you don't gotta do this.'
'Now it's time to be a...'
'You can't GO to Pigfarts! It's on...!'
Who sings 'Missing You?' with Quirrell? (full name)
'It's like a little loser...'

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