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Can you figure out the names of these original Nintendo (NES) games which are missing all of their vowels? Part 2

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Forced Order
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# of Words / No VowelsGame
(3) L_st _ct_ _n H_r_
(2) G_ngh_s Kh_n
(3) J_ _rn_y t_ S_l_ _s
(2) N_nj_ G_ _d_n
(2) M_ck_y M_ _s_c_p_d_
(2) L_g_nd_ry W_ngs
(2) _c_ H_ck_y
(2) _p_r_t_ _n W_lf
(2) H_g_n's _ll_y
(2) St_r Tr_p_cs
(2) D_ _dly T_w_rs
(1) K_rn_v
(1) _th_n_
(1) _n_nv_t_d
(2) S_l_m_n's K_y
# of Words / No VowelsGame
(2) L_d_ R_nn_r
(2) D_ _bl_ Dr_g_n
(1) X_v_ _ _ s
(3) Cl_sh _t D_m_nh_ _d
(2) G_ _rr_ll_ W_r
(2) Bl_st_r M_st_r
(2) F_n_l F_nt_sy
(3) M_l_n's S_cr_t C_stl_
(2) Sh_tt_r H_nd
(2) Sn_k_'s R_v_ng_
(2) B_ _n_c C_mm_nd_
(2) T_cm_ B_wl
(3) S_p_r M_r_ _ Br_s.
(2) R_d R_c_r
(4) Wh_ Fr_m_d R_g_r R_bb_t?

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