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So you wanted to change the world, but I didn't believe you
I held her tight, close to my heart
Feet cast in solid stone
In my shadow, no more compliments
Tape my face to the inside of love
Sink with your wasted dreams when you can
In a bedroom with no windows or doors. All the happy people are crying
I whisper empty sounds in your ear and hope that you won’t let go
Everybody cares, but nobody knows
You are in love with a shadow that won't come back
Song lyricsSong name
You could be my acid queen. Until the end of time
I wrote a note to the jungle and. They wrote me back that I was never crowned
Take advantage of the sound, lean in to walls leading to minds
You are the human strobe
Look at the stars, they're getting younger. Look at your pain, you're getting older
Son of Henry, I'm the first in line. To the throne, smell my mustard gas
I make you miserable you stick with me. Although you know I'm gonna Ruin your life
I can't compete with history. We'll film it live but dub our tale
Dressing our wings with industrial gloves made of wire
The one with the eye patch or the one who's highly strung

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