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Can you name the major characters in the Dawn of War II franchise?

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Youngest Blood Raven to command a strike forceDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising
Received Terminator Honors on KronusDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, Retribution
Former Captain of the 4th CompanyDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, Retribution
Corrupted by the Slaughter at Victory BayDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising
Served in the Deathwatch and Kurava CampaignDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, Retribution
Was a Meridian gang leader before joining the Blood RavensDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising
Takes control of Meridian to save Sub-Sector AureliaDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising
Wields God-SplitterDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, Retribution
Attempts to destroy Meridian to defeat the TyranidsDawn of War 2
Spends 10 years fighting in the 85th Vendoland in Sub-Sector AureliaDawn of War 2, Retribution
Is stranded on Typhon after Strike Cruiser Retribution crashesDawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, Retribution
Saves #3 by encasing him in Dreadnought ArmorDawn of War 2
Only Surviving Librarian from the Litany of FuryChaos Rising, Retribution
Chaos Lord, betrayed by his second in commandChaos Rising
Breaks free of imprisonment on Aurelia after 1000 yearsChaos Rising, Retribution
Resurrected by Abaddon to lead Black Legion forcesChaos Rising, Retribution
Corrupted Honor Guard ApothecaryChaos Rising
Denies his Chapter-Master's corruption, only to prove it laterChaos Rising, Retribution
Perceives local Guard forces as ineffectiveRetribution
Attempts to prove the source of corruption to stop the ExterminatusRetribution
The Lord-General's second in commandRetribution
Swore an oath of silence to atone for past sinsRetribution
Sent by Abaddon to ensure loyaltyRetribution
Nurgle chosen bodyguard of #17Retribution
Aspiring Champion of the Black LegionRetribution
Agrees to work for the Inquisitor to save Eldar soul stonesRetribution
Discovers that saving Taldeer will save Ulthwe from the NecronsRetribution
Predicts the eldar will follow the Scion of the EmperorRetribution
Outcast brother of Farseer TaldeerRetribution
Freebooter Captain who fights for the lootRetribution
Jury-rigs The Judgement of Carrion to be an Ork KroozerRetribution
Sneakiest ork in the seriesRetribution
Stormboy NobRetribution
The result of the Hive-Mind reconnecting to Sub-Sector AureliaRetribution
Corrupted Chapter-Master of the Blood RavensRetribution

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