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AAbnormally High Blood Acidity
BDisease Of The Ear Caused By Changing Air Pressure
CA syndrom resulting in excess amounts of steroid hormone in the body
DAn Abnormality in the shape of the pupil
EAnother name for a bruise
FA bundle of nerve or muscle fibres
GAn antiviral drug used to treat severe cytomegalovirus infections
HA benign tumor of blood vessels
IA stroke or any sudden attack
JRed Lesions on the palm of the hands caused by a bacterial infection of the heart
KInflammation of the cornea of the eye
L (an easy one)A tear in the flesh causing a wound with irregular edges
MAn abnormal softening of a tissue or a bone
NAnother name for a birthmark
OA sensation of pain behind the sternum as food or fluid is swallowed
PAbnormal paleness of the skin due to reduced blood flow
Q (easy one)Paralysis affecting all four limbs
RA drug that causes the skin to peel
SBlood poisoning by toxins of saprophytic bacteria
T (easy one)Rapid Breathing
UThe escape of uric acid from blood into spaces in the connective tissue
VA fine hair that occurs on the body before puberty is reached
WA sudden filling of the mouth with dilute saliva
XA liquid for increasing the transparency of tissues
YA radioactive isotope used in radiotherapy
ZA drug that is used to prolong the lives of patients with AIDS/HIV

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