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AThe Major Blood Vessel In The Body
BWhen the heart rate is to slow
CTiny blood vessel around the lungs
DMuscle In the shoulder
EWhen the alveoli collapse
FA sheet of connective tissue
GA hormone secreted by the stomach
HThe pigment of the red blood cells that is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the blood
IThe anvil like bone forming the middle ear ossicles
JThe point where two or more bones meet
KOne of a group of organic substances formed in fat metabolism mainly in the liver
LA structure situated at the top of the trachea
MThe milk producing gland in females
NThe signal transmitted along neurones
OThe organ involved in the detection of smells
PA gland lying between the spleen and the duodenum
QA muscle having four heads, especially the large extensor at the front of the thigh.
RAn enzyme produced in the kidney that is released in to the blood stream
SGlands that secrete watery secretion in to the mouth
TThe collection of tarsal bones
UA cord of tissue connecting an embryo to the placenta
VA hormone produced by the pituitary gland
Wneuroanatomy, an area of predominantly neuronal axons, colored by the myelin sheeth covering the axons.
XThe larger of the two types of sex chromosome
YThe smaller of the two types of sex chromosome
ZOne of the articular processes of a vertebra

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