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Can you name the facts about Connie Mack, the manager with the longest coaching tenure in the big 4 sports?

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HintAnswerMore Info
Year of Birth
Birth name
Birth state
Playing position
First managed team
Main managed team
City of main team
Main team's stadium from 1909 on
Main team's nickname
Mack wore this in the dugout
Main team's league
First year with main team
Last year with main team
Number of pennants
First World Series win
Losing team in that series
Second Series win
Losing team in that series
Third Series win
Losing team in that series
Fourth Series win
Losing team in that series
Fifth Series win
Losing team in that series
HintAnswerMore Info
Winner of 1905 Series
Winner of 1914 Series
Winner of 1931 Series
This second baseman played for him from 1906 to 1914
This heavy hitter was his 1908-1914 third baseman
Name one of the two hall of fame pitchers for the first great team
This problem made him dismantle the early teens team
This legendary player ended his career with the 1928 team
This hall of famer was his catcher from 1925 to 1933
This slugger was his first baseman from 1925 to 1935
This hall of famer patrolled the outfield from 1924 to 1932
Name one of the two hall of fame pitchers on the second great team
This decade long event made him dismantle his second great team
Mack's son who took over the team twice in the late 1930s
This player broke the AL color line three years before Mack's retirement
Mack's final win total (nearest 100)
Mack's final loss total (nearest 100)
Year of death
Age at death
Year of hall of fame induction
He was the first AL manager for this yearly event
City his main team relocated to
Second place manager in wins
Closest active manager in wins
Letter in Ogden Nash's Lineup for Yesterday about Mack

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