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Keyblade MasterAlso Able To Weild Two Key Blades
2nd Keyblade MasterWhite Hair
Damsel In DistressShares a heart with Protagonist
Magician DuckWeilds A staff
Knight DogWeilds a Sheild
Very First BossThe Big Heartless.. Literally
The KingAlso Wears Orginization XIII Clothing
Jungle manSlides on Vines
Jungle womanTarzan's Love Intrest
Street RatDisney Movie Title
The WiseWrote journal entries
Damn Jewel Stealing MonkeyAlladins Best Friend
Clouds GirlfriendWeilds a Bow in FFVII
In WonderlandTaken Prisoner
The Little MermaidProtagonist
The Sleeping BeautyOne of the princesses
Fawn Summon
Pirates Of The CaribbeanAntagonist
Cursed, Furry, Has Horns?Goes insane in the Second instalment
The Furry one's loveBeauty and The Beast
Satan Himself Fantaisia
The Sky is FALLINGSummon
ChipmunksHelps in Gummy Ship
Glass SlipperPrincess
ConscienceCarries The Journal
Depressed DonkeyI see why
1000 YEARS can give you such a crick in the neck!Aladdin
Underworld GodFlaming Head
Wonder BoyPart God
Grand VizerTurns into a Genie
Arabic Princess (politically correct?)Princess
Big man, Big ForkAriels Dad
SQUALL!!Remember This is kingdom hearts, they call him something else
Magic ManTeaches Spells
Simbas DadSimbas Dad
Asian CrossdresserPing
BonesNightmare Before Christmas
Bagman, filled with wormsNightmare Before Christmas Antagonist
Red Haired Got it Memorized?Roxas' Best friend
LionSummon and Character
BaboonHeld Simba
Cloud's RivalWeild's a long sword
Pirates of the Caribbean Protagonist
Protagonist of FFVIIWeilds A Buster Sword
Hidden Orginization XIIINot Yet seen
Treasure Hunting PixieOnly pixie in KH
Disney BackwardsKings Mentor
PixiePixie Hollow
Leader of the infamous three in the beginning of KH2Also First Boss
Red Robed SwordsmanMakes A Deal with Hades
Three Headed MuttHades' pet
Pudgy friend of MulanLoves food (who guessed)
Pilots airshipsHe's usually with Leons gang
Orginization IXPlays Water Sitar
Short Quiet of the infamous threeShort Phrases
Blonde Treasure Hunting PixieThe peppy one
Dark Treasure Hunting PixieThe pessimistic one
Supposive Leader of Roxas' gangGets Really ticked

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