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Main Male Protagonist
Main Female Protagonist
What school are they in?
What is the section?
Name of Harima's Pig
Name of Harima's Giraffe
Who sang the first opening?
Mikoto's breast size
Known as the hummingbird
Yakumo's Special Ability
Karasuma's favorite food
Pen name of Harima
Pen name of Karasuma
Nickname of HarimaBeing told by Eri
Known as the Buddha of 2-C
Martial Art of the dojo where Hanai practices
Pet of the Tsukamoto Household
Name of the maid/chef from the Sawachika Household
The number that appeared on Tenma's dream
Costume of Karasuma
Cousin of Harima
President of the Tea Club
Yakumo is afraid of?A person
Name of Imadori's Hair Salon
1+1 = 2 , 2+2 = 4 Fave tv show of Imadori
Exchanged student from Mexico
Class Representative of 2-D
A nun
School's Nurse
Class 2-C Homeroom Teacher
Author of School Rumble
Total Number of Episodes
Total Number of OVA
What does the Chief Editor likes?An Animal
Special Move from a manga Tenma is readingA basketball manga
Favorite TV show of Harima and Tenma
In an episode , Harima Acquired Mangoku's what?
Harima's younger brother
Nickname of EriCalled by Harima
Eri's butler

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