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What can dragons breathe?
This one is fairly obvious 
Related to the first one 
A more toxic variety 
The opposite of the first item 
Which countries' flags have dragons?
y ddraig goch 
An asian dragon 
Right in the corner of this flag 
A two legged version 
Even fewer legs 
An aquatic relative of the dragon 
Often a humanoid version of a dragon 
Turns people to stone with their glare 
Dragons in the Harry Potter series
Hagrids pet dragon 
First of the triwizard dragons 
Second of the triwizard dragons 
The third triwizard dragons 
The last triwizard dragons 
The guardian of Gringott's bank's vault 
The type of dragon you should never tickle 
Eragon Dragons
The dragon of the titular hero 
Arya's green dragon 
A crippled golden dragon that was bonded to Oromis 
Galbatorix's huge black dragon 
Murtagh's red dragon 
Number of Scales on an Asian dragon
Negative yin scales 
Positive yang scales 
The Yu-Gi-Oh! dichotomy of dragons
A dragon with piercing blue eyes 
A dragon with powerful red eyes 
Dragons that star in songs by Peter, Paul and Mary
Said to have been inspired by drugs 
The dragon from Minecraft
Very difficult to find 
Dragon in Norse mythology
The dragon that gnaws at the roots of the world tree 
Dragons from a Song of Ice and Fire
Dragon of Daenerys that was named after her brother 
Another of Daenerys' dragons named after her late husband 
The last of Daenerys' dragons that was named after her other brother 
Aegon The Conqueror's dragon 
Aegon The Conqueror's dragon 
Aegon The Conqueror's dragon 
Belonged to Queen Alysanne 
Books in the 'How To Train Your Dragon' Series
I don't think you need help with the first book 
The second book is an education in sailing the seven seas 
A good translators handbook 
The fourth book is the one with the potato 
The fifth book is all about stories 
The sixth book and the only one that doesn't begin with 'How To' 
The seventh book involves a trip to America 
The eighth book is the beginning of the final run 
The ninth book involves a swordfighting tournament of epic proportions 
The tenth book involves a search for the dragon gem 
The penultimate book in the series 
The final book in the series 
Real life animals with dragon in the name
A large lizardfound on an island it was named after 
A kind of seahorse with accessories 
A winged dragon that lives near ponds 
This name is a facial hair misnomer 
An Oceanic Lizard 
Oriental lizard that drops from trees into water to escape predators 
A lizard with a large neck frill 
Dragons in the original Dragon Quest
A Basic Dragon 
A different version of the first dragon 
another similar version of the initial dragon 
The final boss 
Guild Wars 2 Elder Dragons
The undead dragon whose minions are the risen 
A dragon who created a mountain range whose minions are called the branded 
The ice dragon who forced the norn from their homes 
Awakened by Scarlet Briar, this is a jungle dragon 
Marvel Dragons
The pet dragon of shadowcat 
A huge dragon that was part of the fin fang four 
Heather Douglas' alter ego 
A dragon who is actually an android and aids the Future Foundation 
What Types of Flight do Dragons Traditionally Have
This is How Most Things Fly 
Its Magical 
This is how Asian Dragons Usually Fly 
1st Generation Pokemon 'Dragons'
A Tiny Dragon 
A Medium Dragon 
A Large Dragon 
Its Mega Form Is a Dragon Type 
A Fossil Used By Lance 
If A Salmon Swims Up a Waterfall, It Becomes a Dragon (Used By Lance) 

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