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TipWhat it is
Dog/Lion/Peacock Hybrid (EXTREMELY HARD)
Elemental Spirit
A fire-breathing creature with a hoard of gold
1/3 lion, goat, snake
1/2 eagle, 1/2 lion
Clear, Lost Soul
1/2 person that lived in a labyrinth
Famous Dino proven to not exist
Gargantuan Sea Monster
Giant with 1 eye
1/3 ox, deer, d_ _ _ o_ (EXTREMELY HARD)
1/2 goat, 1/2 person
1/2 person, 1/2 horse
Small creature with wings
Woman that lures with song
TipWhat it is
Divine Being
Made of fire and flies
Cross between a pegasus and a unicorn
Hades' Guard Dog
1/2 lion, 1/2 falcon (EXTREMELY HARD)
Mostly bird, serpent tail
Lion Body, Human Head
1/2 person, 1/2 fish
A Horse with a Horn
Another Gargantuan Sea Monster
Brain-Eating Dead Bodies
Devilish Being
Woman that turns people to stone
1/2 person, 1/2 bat
Winged Horse

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