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CluesWhich War?
This war's history was recorded by Thucydides
Florence Nightingale improved hospitals during this 19th century war
This war was ended by the victories of Scipio (Africanus)
This war was fought between the Mauryan empire and the namesake region
This war featured the capture of Fort William Henry
This war was really over a dispute for the throne of France, between the Anjou and the Plategenet houses
This war featured the battle of Somme, and the American soldiers in this war were nicknamed 'Doughboys'
One of the key military leaders in this war was Minamoto Yoritomo
CluesWhich War?
Approximately 450,000 citizens of paraguay died in this war, more than any other South American country
In this war the hospitallers helped to make the passage to Jerusalem safer for Christian pilgrims
The aggressor in this war was Umtonga, son of the chief Mpande
This war came after the first indochina war, and one campaign in it was the 'Tet Offensive'
This war was also known as 'King George's War',and saw the end of Hapsburg rule in Austria
Some leaders in this war include Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Winfield Scott
This war allowed for the Roman state to take control of the Rhine river

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