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RankMovieIMDb Plot Summary
1A group of smart-talking toddlers find themselves at the center of a media mogul's experiment to crack the code to baby talk. The toddlers must race against time for the sake of babies everywhere. (2004)
2Evil assassins want to kill Daniel Kublbock, the third runner up for the German Idols. (2004)
3Gritty neo-noir art film about escaped convict Griffin and his friends, who ran all the way to hell... with a penny, and a broken cigarette. (1966)
4The evil Cobra Khan rises from the underworld and begins polluting the environment. The Whit Dragon tries to stop him but is injured so must pass the job onto his three teenage students. (1997)
5A space capsule crash-lands, and the astronaut aboard disappears. Is there a connection between the missing man and the monster roaming the area? (1965)
6A young Air Force lieutenant falls in love with fighter planes while his father, a Congressman and war hero, yearns for him to fly heavy bombers. (1964)
7A woman seeks revenge on her former lover, who owns a skydiving business. (1963)
8Classic low budget horror about a family getting lost and stumbling upon a hidden, underground, devil-worshiping cult led by the fearsome Master and his servant Torgo. (1966)
9A mad scientist transforms himself into an aquatic killer. (1975)
10Arthur Sailes must have the courage to marry his beloved Ben Sheets and stand against the obstacles that face him. (2002)
11Motorcycle racer Rommel seeks vengeance against JC, a madman who murdered the sidehacker's fiancee. (1969)
12Ruled by the evil Satoris, an ancient cult of Canadian wrestlers, the Ziox, are bent on world domination. (1990)
13The brother and fiancee of a dead policeman infiltrate a female-led biker gang to uncover his murderer. (1967)
14The Fat Slags from Viz hit the big time and become celebrities. (2004)
15A newly discovered 36-foot gorilla escapes from a freighter off the coast of Korea. Chaos ensues as the ape rampages through Seoul (1976)
16A young man is transformed into a hideous 'moon beast' due to a meteor fragment lodged in his body. (1976)
17A psycho cop with a weakness for killing his female arrests gets what's coming to him when a pack of zombie women rise from their graves in order to get proper revenge. (2004)
18An Earthman returns to the planet Gor, and fights against tyranny. (1989)
19Two lovers are on their first date. In an episodic style the film tells of encounters and love among young people. The stories are set in Cairo, Paris, on the coast of Normandy and in New York. (1995)
20Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research. A prototype robot intended for crime combat escapes from the development lab and goes on a killing rampage.(1989)
21A rapper finds himself possessed by the soul of a dead fashion designer; frequently switching personalities. (1989)
22At South Beach University, a beautiful sorority president takes in a group of unconventional freshman girls seeking acceptance into her house. Starring Paris Hilton. (2006)
23Two creepy 'horror' films joined together by Merlin's Shop which is, in turn, introduced by a Grandpa telling the story. (1996)
24Goofy Bollywood thriller. (2007)
25Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of 'hilarious' natural disasters and catastrophic events. (2008)
26A young security guard must track down diminutive aliens who kill people even as they make their fantasies come true. (1988)
27Turkish crime drama. (2007)
28A lonely, sexually repressed man. A depressed woman. A summer camp. On this fateful night, they will meet... and their hearts will become one. (2003)
29A defecting Russian scientist is transformed by an atomic test into a hulking monster, Tor Johnson, of course. (1961)
30Italian drama about two friends who dream to make it in show business (2005)
31Texas cop escorts a prisoner to Europe. (1985)
32Tom Arnold stars in a zany family comedy about soccer-playing twins. (2003)
33Secret agent tries to stop a scientist who has devised a bacteria that devours the body from within. (1966)
34Six young archaeology students discover the remains of an ancient Aztec mummy and accidentally unleash the fury of an evil god. (1999)
RankMovieIMDb Plot Summary
35A young Spanish boy in the woods discovers a lovable alien...or is it? (1988)
36A mad doctor builds a robot in order to steal a valuable Aztec treasure from a tomb guarded by a centuries old living mummy. (1959)
37A fun CGI story of a fox family and their quest to outsmart the circus ringleader trying to capture them. (2008)
38A promising college athlete takes a turn for the worse when he hooks up with old highschool friends during his summer break. Starring Paris Hilton. (2004)
39Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is granted immortality by the Catholic Church until he can hunt down the last vampire prince. (2005)
40A father's psychic abilities are put to the test when his two daughters are trapped inside of a corn maze haunted by the spirits of two young girls who disappeared a year earlier. (2004)
41A reporter interviews fighters and promoters about Bruce Lee, intercut with footage from old Bruce Lee films and pseudo-documentary footage. (1980)
42A young man who works at a nursing home uses the legendary Zodiac killer's M.O. to kill people who neglect their elderly relatives. (2005)
43Six sexy women, and a teenage girl, devastate a right-wing militia before doing battle with ruthless drug pushers. (1979)
44When a rap mogul from Atlanta tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas he runs into fierce opposition from the board President- but it's nothing that he and his entourage can't handle. (2007)
45The glitz and glamor of being a big time Hollywood Go-Go dancer looked good from a distance, but up-close it was another story...this story (1968)
46Two Danish comedians set out to make their own exploitation video. (1997)
47Clumsy invaders from Neptune are thwarted by hero Space Chief and a nondescript group of microshort-wearing Japanese kids. (1961)
48A modern-day updating of the Dracula legend with an action twist. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman are curiously absent. (1998)
49In this epic disaster film of faith, a mother and father search for their only child as a giant asteroid headed for Earth triggers a series of apocalyptic events. (2007)
50The pointlessly-named Batwoman and her bevy of Batmaidens fight evil and dance. (1966)
51After being bitten by a bat in a cave, a doctor undergoes an accelerating transformation into a man-bat creature, which ruins his vacation and causes considerable distress for his wife. (1974)
52The lives of two basketball players and aspiring doctors cross when they fall in love with the same woman. (2006)
53When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes. Often double-billed with 47. (1959)
54Told in Documentary form, the film depicts a group of five British film critics and politicians who venture off into the West Virginian wilderness in search of a witch who may be related to a certain Prime Minister. (2000)
55Nate moves to L.A. to track down the woman he's been in love with since childhood, only to discover one hitch: what to do with her not-so-hot best friend? Starring Paris Hilton. (2008)
56A newlywed sheriff tries to stop a shambling monster that has emerged from a spaceship to eat people. (1964)
57Muscle-bound Ator and his mute Asian sidekick travel from the ends of the Earth to save his aged mentor from the evil mustachioed Zor. (1984)
58A group of swingin' teens take time out from having fun in the sun to try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll. (1967)
59A cross between the Turkish Star Wars and the Turkish Superman. (2006)
60Professor and students camp out to find Bigfoot-type creature. (1985)
61Four teenagers are killed in a car accident. Two of the teenagers refuse to go with 'The Grim Reaper' and a race between life and death ensues! (1990)
62Young man goes to work for gangsters to impress his nightclub-singer girlfriend. (1944)
63A teenage girls life gets turned upside down when a new school friend turns out to be a popstar. Starring Aaron Carter. (2005)
64When a couple becomes separated by the death of the beau, they make a plan to drown a young man to take his body for the beau. (1989)
65A team of astronauts lands on a moon of Jupiter to find it populated with beautiful young women looking for mates. An old man explains to the explorers the group's story, as well as the moon's dangers. (1956)
66With the aid of Merlin, Santa Claus must defeat the evil machinations of the devil Pitch to ruin Xmas. (1959)
67Low-budget superhero flick about a young man given a mystical medallion by a South American shaman, in order to become a puma- empowered champion like his father before him. (1980)
68A cinematic adaptation of a Turkish fairy tale. (2006)
RankMovieIMDb Plot Summary
69A struggling young comedian takes a menial job on a cruise ship where he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy. Adam Sandler's cinematic debut. (1989)
70An inventor comes up with a time machine, but must prevent its abuse at the hands of an evil CEO. (1994)
71Tony Washington is killed by a gang of rampant trendy teenagers. Molly Mokembe is a voodoo lady who brings him back from the dead to seek revenge on his killers so he can rest in peace. (1986)
72A man meets a farmgirl who is actually a witch. (1971)
73The coming of age story of a young female rapper, who finds her inspiration by reading the Diary of Anne Frank. (2003)
74A rag-tag bunch of seniors, complete outsiders at their surf-crazed Laguna Beach High School, decide to crash the biggest team surf contest. (2006)
75Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. (1962)
76Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women. Starring Jim Carrey. (1983)
77A flunky for a porno movie ring starts murdering the smut films' lead actresses. (1960)
78Jerry falls in love with a stripper he meets at a carnival. Little does he know that she is the sister of a gypsy fortune teller whose predictions he had scoffed at earlier. The gypsy turns him into a zombie and he goes on a killing spree. (1964)
79A marine biologist, a dolphin trainer, a research scientist, and a local sheriff try to hunt down a large sea monster, a shark/octopus hybrid, that is devouring swimmers and fishermen off a south Florida coast (1984)
80A revisionist western, not to be confused with the Dire Straits album. (2005)
81Uwe Boll's well thought-out adaptation of the beloved zombie arcade shoot-em-up. (2003)
82A spoof that combines Cast Away with Miss Congeniality, Planet of the Apes, Love Boat, Gilligan's Island, The Sixth Sense, Jurassic Park, and more. (2004)
83An evil millionaire (Hulk Hogan) gets amnesia and then belives that he is Santa Claus. (1996)
84Similar to Mariah's life story. Mariah plays the role of a young singer who is eager to become a big star. She dates a DJ who helps her get into the music business. (2001)
85A young child is terrified to discover that a planned family trip to Nilbog is to be haunted by vile man-eating monsters out of his worst nightmare.(1990)
86A young man from the South Bronx dreams of making it as a rapper, until a run-in with local thugs forces him to hide in Puerto Rico with the father he never knew. (2007)
87A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery. (1988)
88Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's action-adventure classic, four plane crash survivors encounter danger in a world that time forgot. (2005)
89Remake of the wacky 60s sitcom starring two mismatched NYPD cops in the 53rd Precinct. (1994)
90A wacky free-for-all comedy about the riotous rivalry between snobby skiers and knuckle-dragging snowboarders. (1996)
91A secret agent is called out of retirement to save the world from an evil genius. Bill Cosby's attempt to spoof spy movies. (1987)
92The latest installment of Tyler Perry's 'beloved' Madea films. (2009)
93After conceiving an infant son after finding a mysterious mask, Tim Avery discovers just how looney child raising can be. (2005)
94Hercules is summoned to oppose the evil Queen Samara, who has allied herself with aliens and is sacrificing her own people in a bid to awaken a moon goddess. (1964)
95A teenager stumbles upon an alien weapon, which transform him into a grotesque killer. (1978)
96A surfer becomes the head of a major company. Starring Carrot Top. (1998)
97Survivors of a plane crash on a remote island find it is covered by spiders. When bitten, the survivors start turning into spiders! (1960)
98Six escaped convicts and their female hostage make a desperate run for the Mexican border, where they stumble across a lost treasure of untold wealth, and find certain death instead on the Arizona desert. (2006)
99The Plan - to build a super human; How? - by murdering innocent convenient victims and using various bits of them; The Result - Creatures on the rampage. (1968)
100Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside...a pinata. (2002)

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